I quite often think about my own traits and how others perceive me.  I like to think of myself as an intellectual; however, I openly embrace my inner child.  I enjoy watching cartoons, reading literature meant for younger audiences, and acting goofy just for the sake of having fun.  I can be quite opinionated and have no issue with sharing my thoughts with others; however, I do try to keep my mind open to all possibilities, especially when I involve myself in heated issues.  I am thirsty for knowledge and understanding in many aspects of life.  My imagination is nearly always in overdrive.  Sometimes my thoughts can run absolutely wild, and at these times I have to exercise a bit of self-control to keep from going absolutely nuts.  I am very patient with other people, but inanimate objects, such as computers, can ignite my temper in heartbeat.  I can also be quite stubborn at

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