I am young, within a glen
‘Tis my haven, spice of life.
Here I am, a boy of ten,
Alone, first love, content, no strife.

A weight I now bear, my shoulders are weary.
Proud time has caught me; I knew he would come,
Exalt to the days when my eyes weren’t so bleary,
I still have that glade, I remember the sun.

Perception thickens and memories dry,
Sharper than ever, I’m ready to die.
Fog on the harbor, hard as I try
Old peace I recall, ‘tis memory mine.

I have come to be moon, oh cycle reversed (yet)
My children will mourn me, find joy in my verse.
My Mrs. telling me I do way too much work
The only time we spend is ev’ry Sun’ay at church
I say I gotta do dirt to afford you that purse
You live in the dirt I should call for a hearse
Lord, help her see I’m where I need to be
No you're gonna be
a father next month ‘cause I’m giving birth
But I’m leaving you now before this gets worse
I got to steppin’ before words became weapons

At the office I clear my head with endeavor
If I bring home a check then things will be better
Avoid whether, two loves one tether I sever
How could I choose? No way not never

2 a.m. I should call it a night
Leave my mistress and go back to my wife
I packed up my things and I stepped outside
A voice cried “Man please help me with my ride”
Clearly distressed, clinging jumper cables
Help out a stranger, of course I was willing

In my truck I followed him to his spot
under the bridge ‘round back in a secluded parking lot
Weird, I thought
In less than five minutes of conversin’ and questions
His car started and the mood became different
No longer a stranger in fact one in the same
A wife at home and a kid on the way
Our office building the same, he even shared my name
A display of his thanks he insisted to pay
No. I declined. I only wanted to help
It’d feel like I’m taking money from myself
Do you like drugs he ask’d
Sometimes. Life’s too busy to toy with my health
I have somethingIcouldn’tunderstand
He points to the snow on his car
My mirror-less door suggests I’m prone to doze before I travel too far
I’ve never been one to turn down cheap thrills
It’s for the better, I’ll get home safe
And this secluded lot seems like a good place
The absent light messed with my sight
I think this rock should look a little more white 
Thought I saw my reflection on his shadowy face
A suggestive handshake, I turned back to my truck an’ said thanks

Crush it divide a line and roll up the five bill 
*ssssniiiiiifffff* *ssssniiiiiifffff* *sniff*
Wow that’s strong
A line of fire ants with boots kicked my head back
Virtigo, tunnel vision, fade to black

Lift my head up slow ‘cause I thought my neck snapped
Drips of red flow from my nose, and snot, I resent that
I needa go home I needa get outta here
I wiped my face with a smear, but my engine won’t turn
And it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror
I saw my body slouched with a face of fear
That stranger walking up near from the rear
He got to my window stopped and peered
He was holding a shear and pulled me outta my truck
He cut me up and threw my limbs in his trunk
I thought about my mom and my pop that I love
And how my wife said that I don’t spend time enough
That ending was abrupt
What luck
Every morning I wake up,
I look forward to going back to sleep.
I deal with a repeating cycle that I have no control over.
Believe it or not,
My conscience speaks back to me
For he is the only one who truly shows sympathy toward my pain.

I call my place of residence a shoebox.
Making me the new shoes that have replaced the last old pair.
But crying is not an option.
I tried that when I became the new kicks on the block
And I did me no good.

I don’t understand the fraise “time is money”.
They gave me life,
And since 2003 I have yet to see any U.S. currency.
I buy everything with these snickers and noodle cups
And sometimes with my rank.
Don’t get me wrong,
I do have NEEDS.
All my person hygiene supplies cost, I just never sees the physical cash.

I have to call and speak to my lady friend
To convince her to put money on my books. 
At first I couldn’t do it,
So I put my conscience on the phone and let him take control
As I sit back and stare at my snicker collection sitting on my magazines.
Funny thought,
That’s kind of like money on my books.

I laugh, literally aloud like life is funny.
Last time I say my family was through a glass.
I talk to my relative on the phone
Soon to be interrupted by a 5 minute warning.
My best friend is a figure of my imagination
And I have to watch my back 25/8
Because they next man wants everything that I got.

I hope my little brothers don’t follow my path.
I continue to speak the way I do, 
And rep what I rep
And act the way I do
Because it’s a form of security for me.
There’s no such thing as quitting
When you’re in those cement walls.

I just want to go home.
I’m not quitting,
Just ready to give up.

Daily, I hear the loud complaints and arguments
But I try to drowned down the sound
With my razor thin pillow.
Not able to block the sounds
I tune in.

Reflections of reflections.
That’s all I see.
Holding my mirror side ways to make a better view,
Watching the MAN
Hold my freedom in his hand
Never to let go.

Sometimes I just write.
No reason,
Just writing.
I send my brother Tyrell a letter 
Mail to Tyree’s Conscience in 1 month from today.
They I reply to that letter.
That’s how I let myself know
I still love me.

They called lights out,
Plus my hand is hurting.
I guess I can finally go to sleep now. 
Good night,
Until tomorrow morning.
I’ve built up grains into fairy tales
Brought down lords and kings
Reality was a fickle illusion
Gravity couldn’t keep my mind on the ground
I am safe in sandcastles

I’ve built up grains into a home
Raised mini lords and kings
Reality struck back close fisted 
Gravity weighed on my heart
They’ll be safe in sandcastles

I’ve built grains into a kingdom
Ruling in hand of glorious Queen
Conquered reality with a vengeance
Gravity took its toll on my body
But my soul
Is safe in safe in sandcastles
Years past my prime, I reflect upon the life that was once mine.
Aged nearly a century old, these dark mahogany eyes witnessed growth.
Here I sit in my rocking back and forth holding the hand of a beautiful woman,
Her milk chocolate eyes reflect the warm ancient sun.
Her skin, not as silky as it once was, was still full of  youth.
I look at my hand, stained from scars and labors of hard  work,
Bitter, saltwater taste comes to my tongue, thinking about how life is for the young.

Executive of a music company I once was,
Suit and tie, briefcase in hand, the scent of dedication and cologne 
I walked, head held high. 
Hip Hop and Rock banged in and out of my ears.
Vernacular over time has changed from fresh to tight to dope to swag,
Getting money meant, “just throw it in the bag”.
An era where you can make beats on phones and mix tapes too.
Music required no skill, just hard work and clever rhymes.
Through all of my struggles I always had a beautiful angel to hold me down.  
Her wings fell from her body once she fell in love with me, she gave all she could and
pushed as hard too.  If it weren’t for her I probably wouldn’t be the man I am speaking to you.

The youth today, in my eyes, have no ambition.
When we were young and innocent we did things different.
We didn’t have computers or games, hell we used to play in the woods all day.
I look out my window and I can see a playground, not a kid in sight.
When I was that young, we could run around all day and all night.
Hearing trees and leaves rustle, as we climbed high.  
One would yell, “TAG!!!!!” “NOT IT!!!!” would be our reply. 
Those were the times, the times where trouble could be solved by Mom raising an
eye.  The sun, my old friend, brings me back to reality, lets me know life was great.
The early morning light shines down on me
and leaves the clouds behind so I can play.
The green grass flows like streams so pure and free.
I run, pretending the whole day away.

Some time has passed, my kids are in their teens.
Now I deal with responsibilities.
And though through life I've seen a many scenes,
I don't think it can beat the years like these.

The sunset falls below my point of view
and leaves a tint of pink behind it's trail.
While gazing out across the slumbered hue,
the seagulls sing the song of my life's tale.

So much to do, but if time will allow
I think I might just rest my eyes for now.
Ways in which I wonder,
find fortunes of fist and fame
The past portrays prowess of power,
with battles between bite and blame

I lead lions and lemmings,
mangled men, thoughtless thieves
Down disaster to death,
inescapable insanity 

Family finds me forgotten,
friends don’t find me at all
Above the air and around the arch,
kindness can make me crawl

In a tower too tall to trespass,
still - silent - steady
An owl overlooks,
pupils perspire profoundly 
Watching westward winds wisp,
leading looks like hurried horses
Setting skies mirror magenta,
and cosmic creations commit to their courses

In a tower too tall to tell of tales,
the moon minds my murmurs
Humility haunts my heart cries havoc,
pointing - passing - pauper
I'm as busy as a bee rustling through the kitchen relentlessly
searching for food to nourish my grumbling stomach,
they always called me “little Mike”
what can I say, I am hungry
I am but a little tike. 
Swing sets, slides, and sandcastles would have been nice to build every now and again,
oh that reminds me
Dad needs the lawn mowed so here I go again.

I'm as busy as a bee racing through the studio
clients and new dreams to nourish the soul
they like to call me “Trilogy”
what can I say I am in it to win it
finally in my ripe age they can finally see.

Swing sets, slides, and sandcastles would have been nice to build every now and again,
oh that reminds me
Daddy needs to go to work, sorry kids, I must go again.

I'm as busy as a bee readying myself for a place called Heaven
loved ones and that savior of mine wait to greet me
they will call me when it's my turn
what can I say I am ready for the end
to my children I know your concern .

Swing sets, slides, and sandcastles would be nice to build every now and again,
oh that reminds me
Grandpa needs to go meet Grandma, I am happy again.  
Going through the up and down weights of life.
Yet I see changes in my physical and mental sinews.
I'm cut from a different cloth but with the same knife.

Alone in an unknown world to be on the vultures menus.
Adopted by the cold streets, the whoosing winds make me fear my father.
Daily I perform survival with Minnapolis as my venu.

My beating heart say's reach out to you, but my body say's why bother.
Looking at the sky and everything is black.
Storms surrounds us slowly so from its smoke I smother.

My lungs cant take anymore of this indirect attack.
Why do I look in the mirror and see Thomas but my name is Tyrell?
Why do I have the will, when you wont come back?

During my ZZZZ's my dreams feel so real.
Not taking credit of a creation you made.
Riding in the right side of the ride with no one behind the wheel.

I'm man made which makes me afraid.
Growing up without a father but through god I'm am saved.
I gaze upon the scene surrounding me
Atop the sky scrape tower staring down
Vast and unforgiving wave crashing sea
I raise my brow and eye to golden crown
A leap of faith into the drowning tide
As the seven skies begin to rise, I
Confide inside fore fear and death collide
Spread wax and wing, take flight and sing I fly
Soul unbound by joy profound I soar strong
Bathing warmth and blinding light burn right through
Panic ensues then thrashing to prolong
My life as I descend into the blue
And as I raise my voice to falling skies
My body lay limp and bone the light dies