Going through the up and down weights of life.
Yet I see changes in my physical and mental sinews.
I'm cut from a different cloth but with the same knife.

Alone in an unknown world to be on the vultures menus.
Adopted by the cold streets, the whoosing winds make me fear my father.
Daily I perform survival with Minnapolis as my venu.

My beating heart say's reach out to you, but my body say's why bother.
Looking at the sky and everything is black.
Storms surrounds us slowly so from its smoke I smother.

My lungs cant take anymore of this indirect attack.
Why do I look in the mirror and see Thomas but my name is Tyrell?
Why do I have the will, when you wont come back?

During my ZZZZ's my dreams feel so real.
Not taking credit of a creation you made.
Riding in the right side of the ride with no one behind the wheel.

I'm man made which makes me afraid.
Growing up without a father but through god I'm am saved.
I gaze upon the scene surrounding me
Atop the sky scrape tower staring down
Vast and unforgiving wave crashing sea
I raise my brow and eye to golden crown
A leap of faith into the drowning tide
As the seven skies begin to rise, I
Confide inside fore fear and death collide
Spread wax and wing, take flight and sing I fly
Soul unbound by joy profound I soar strong
Bathing warmth and blinding light burn right through
Panic ensues then thrashing to prolong
My life as I descend into the blue
And as I raise my voice to falling skies
My body lay limp and bone the light dies
No gods no managers, a cross upside down
Impulsive regrets with black ink to mend
She sold her soul for diamonds on my side of town

A compass for direction, yet another dead-end
From a fossil 3 lilies did spawn
A lust I could never comprehend

An icon of beauty, Norma Jeane at dawn
The devil wears red, and so was her dress
Persuasive those lips, the gleaming eyes of a con

"Love Life" say the wrists concealing scars of distress
Courageous Koi in the ocean, unsound
Validity buried by actions solely to impress

The sublime and supine stranger surely astounds
Recuerda esa cabrón, why he still want that aroun'
Your lies came with the force of a waterfall, I am breaking free
right now I am a prisoner beaten and unable to see
All will be done and in the past your lies helped to put me last
so now you see I am starting to fall free
I realize now I can go pick fruit from a finer tree

You say you want to get it right quit putting up a fight
your out paintin' the town while I'm sittin' here alone tonight
I refuse to be hurt feeling left abandoned and betrayed
Your lies came with the force of a waterfall, I am breaking free

Always quick to jump onto a lie and break a brand new tie
we can't go back to the way it used to be, you don't love me
You want to block the pain and fail to see the hurt within me
Was it to much to ask?  I am leaving this is my final task!
Your lies came with the force of a waterfall, I am breaking free
In your blue eyes-I see
reflections of poor men
people you neglect because
Smilies are not worth pennies
Nor worth filth covered dollars.

Mischievous made in murder,
Red water on the tiled floor
Is nothing to worry about
In your blue eyes.

The desire to fire nine shots
Across the trench at robots
Or rather slaves programmed to do
Dirty work in castles made of sand
Now it is clear why we fear what's
In your blue eyes.
The strangest thing in life is the way I comprehend it
My will was working well until I led an awkward moment
Had an iron in my hand and a will to go and bend it
Money makes or breaks teh boy trying to control it

Then I found out I was the only one listening
Sharp like the glass melting with a bad habit
The devil so sly, had an easy time convincing me
A risk of playing fate stepping through something tragic

I'm distracted by a light that seems pure and honest
Like a fly buzzin' by an ultraviolet lamp
Is it an obessesion, or something that I promised?
I'm drawn to the fascination of the hypnotic trap

Drawn into the well was my final destination
Time ticks down into my imagination
A kid sits down at a drum,
Holding a drumstick in between
his index finger and thumb.
The elder tells him to follow his lead.
BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, he strikes the drum.

The others pick up the beat,
The heartbeat is heard within thee.
A voice sings to the sky,
Wãnna Wãcipi!!!!
"Come Dance" in Dakota is what it means.

Feathers shake and bells ring,
To the beat of the drum is what they are following.
Sage and cedar fill the air,
This is a special place,
The kid is happy, happy that he is here.
Moss covered statue
What secrets do you betray?
In this icy storm

What figure roams so?
The hills keep it company
But alone it stays

Grape vine grey and kind
Deliver your restless prize
Your seed sparks new life
I'm taken away by the tought, away I go,
People slumber and creatures are hidin',
Blessed be the sight, a gold horizon,
My final destination this I know.

The blanket of a child, tight I hold,
Such a fleeting moment, time stands frozen,
Sand in hourglass is without motion,
Lizard on a rock basking in the glow.

Tranquil raindrops falling from a veiled cloud,
Like divining orbs showing me the way,
Moment filled with truth, it swells with power.

Cast away doubt like the sweat from a brow,'
The morning is mine and  you keep the day,
I'm king of this time, I rule the hour.
Open up the case, blow away the dust,
White dust left from practicing through the night.
Slaved away the hours, void of daylight,
It comes to this, performance is a must.
Exhaustion takes its toll, I can adjust,
to humble my hunger would be quite right.
Set the pain aside with my goal in sight.
I've done this before, the audience trusts.

Draw the bow acorss the string - A sweet sound
rings in my ear, sings songs for all to hear.
The wooden body resounds in my head,
Drowning out the sound of the world around.
This melody is quickly drawing near,
Music says it all, it leaves nothing unsaid.