I am by Eddie Melendez - IPR Creative Writers
I am from swing sets
From mud pies and a pumpkin patch
I am from the lake at the cabin
(teal, reflecting
the sun's radiance and warmth)
I am from the driveway hoop
The weeping willows
Where imagination ran away
Like Mustangs free

I am from cigarettes and screaming
From hiding in stillness
I'm from the ignorant and shallow
From never-good-enough and do-it-again
I'm from a bastard with a
Cracked soul
And the strength to forgive

I am from firewood and creaking shack
Pine needles and trimmed grass
From the dim glow of the dying sunlight
As I laid myself to sleep alone
The pen was my escape
Flowing over every page
My best friend
A world of its own

I am a champion --
Bruised but not defeated --
And I will carry on

**Inspired by "Where I'm from" by George Ella Lyon

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