I'm driving far away,
away from what I loved.
I'm driving into the darkness never before seen.
(empty, meaningless
far far away from here.)
I'm driving to somewhere seen before,
the great city
the lights shine in the distance
as if I were miles away.

I'm driving fast and straight,
down the long highway.
I'm driving with an empty space next to
wishing that they would have come.
I'm driving from beginning highway to end street
rough and ridged
then somewhere in the distance I see.

I'm driving for my own sake,
not for anyone else's fued.
It's what I want whether it's right or
The drowsyness keeps me awake at all times.
In the back sat boxes empty and deep
not very deep,
once there was stuff inside
but now there sits nothing

I'm driving but I'm there
finally after th is time
I can sit here resting

**Inspired by "Where I'm fro

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