It Could be by Steve Nagel - IPR Creative Writers
It could be syrup,
from bushes of berry bunches.
It could be the dressing from the fridge.
(Red, crusting
it dries from the air.)
It could be the acrylic paint,
the colorful palette
holds more than the typical
as it holds a broad spectrum.

It could be life and loathing,
from experience and despair.
It could be save-it-alls or none-at-
from pricking pistons and plastic veins.
It could be gasoline that circulates through a
pumping piston
and ignites a charge inside myself.

It could be the culmination of regret,
simple yet misunderstood.
From many moments of self doubt and
the momentum that was lost from restrain.
On top of the tile was a tool
placed at the end,
as a finishing touch
to the canvas of the floor.

It could be spilled relief
expanding in contrast
shared with all things living

**Inspired by "Where I'm from" by George Ella Lyon

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