No game playing, just role playing
The captain told me salute me.  
Hollering 4 letter words to me
Cant play with that loosely.
Where making action
Like where making a movie. 
I aint making this up,
Look how she’s giving orders to me. One night with no end, 
Candle light and slow jams.
Phones off and where focused
And were sticking to that program.
Her hands on my head 
As I head to the low
Soldier saluting
 Troops it time to go in.
Strapped up and ready for war
Rapid adrenalin rushing, can’t take it no more.
On the battle field time to explore,
Times fly’s by like a plane likes to soar. 

Entering the warm pond and creeks in the meadow.
Working my way deeply in the middle.
Body’s lying down like their sleep on a pillow.
Trying to read minds like were speaking in riddle.

Physical combat.
we connect, physical contact.
Rumbling to max
But after this war we can come back.

Now Its so hot you see steam everywhere.
Heavy breathing, from every one.
World War 1 cant even compare.
Sweat drippin down our faces,
Body aroma’s fill the air.
You wouldn’t really understand the feeling,
If you weren’t even there.

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