Ways in which I wonder,
find fortunes of fist and fame
The past portrays prowess of power,
with battles between bite and blame

I lead lions and lemmings,
mangled men, thoughtless thieves
Down disaster to death,
inescapable insanity 

Family finds me forgotten,
friends don’t find me at all
Above the air and around the arch,
kindness can make me crawl

In a tower too tall to trespass,
still - silent - steady
An owl overlooks,
pupils perspire profoundly 
Watching westward winds wisp,
leading looks like hurried horses
Setting skies mirror magenta,
and cosmic creations commit to their courses

In a tower too tall to tell of tales,
the moon minds my murmurs
Humility haunts my heart cries havoc,
pointing - passing - pauper

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