I belong to music,
enriching my spirit from within.
I belong to words echoing from every angle
(peaceful, cascading
like a tropical waterfall)
I belong to innocent children,
footsteps pounding
up and down the stairs,
distant laughs from a bedroom a far.

I belong to a dock with traffic in the rear
fish jumping lines spinning.
I belong to crisp air engulfing my lungs
endless dirt roads to rejuvenate my soul.
I belong to uncertainty of life through imbalance
and stress
with hope to can find a cure.

I belong to pain and agony
spilled through windshields and gray metal bars
over open caskets filled with tears
lost hope
and my wife holds me while I lay my head to res.
While minutes feel like hours
days turn to months,
sorrow sobbing pleas
sent to Heaven with hurt.

Now I belong to God --
holding, loving, embracing --
the old, new me.

**Inspired by "Where I'm from" by George Ella Lyon

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