I wanted to write you a poem
Because you were my Ode
to Hip Hop
luxury lip lock
Rolex wrist watch, diamonds and gold

I wanted to melt your heart
Because I adore you dolly
But the persistance of my memory
Calloused my compassion
like musician's fingertips

An iceberg in the north atlanic
sank the titanic
their hearts laid to rest in a blue tomb
You're an unforseen chaos
Impervious with a frigid grasp
The angle that fell
Not yet made it to hell
And I was the one who knew you too well

I wanted to write like I used to
Rhyme & word play to seduce you
Just one spark to set your whole sky on fire
But my thoughts are too dark
And it's much too hard to write praise for a liar

You're conquered my heart like Hernan Cortex
To the Aztecs he was a God
He lied to and killed them all

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