What I'm Made From by Shaun Amos - IPR Creative Writers
I am made out of clay,
Forming into shapes and sizes.
I am made from discipline.
(Perseverance, passion
insulating potential.)
I am made out of sound,
the calming harmonies
whose cool waves wash over me
always revealing the unknown.

I am made out of authors,
and words etched into stone.
I am made out of scrapes and broken
out of gates and mysterious thrones.
I am made out of stop and start and fight
and heart
and several remedies for myself.

I am made out of affable province
that showed me how to roam here
and there keeping balance and wisdom
as my iniquities fell by the wayside.
In my closet was a chest
Spitting out trophies,
a parcel of plaguing memories
to cast away my inhibitions.

I fall not far from this mirror --
reflecting the past, present, future --
reasons for being here, or anywhere.

**Inspired by "Where I'm from" by George Ella Lyon

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