My Mrs. telling me I do way too much work
The only time we spend is ev’ry Sun’ay at church
I say I gotta do dirt to afford you that purse
You live in the dirt I should call for a hearse
Lord, help her see I’m where I need to be
No you're gonna be
a father next month ‘cause I’m giving birth
But I’m leaving you now before this gets worse
I got to steppin’ before words became weapons

At the office I clear my head with endeavor
If I bring home a check then things will be better
Avoid whether, two loves one tether I sever
How could I choose? No way not never

2 a.m. I should call it a night
Leave my mistress and go back to my wife
I packed up my things and I stepped outside
A voice cried “Man please help me with my ride”
Clearly distressed, clinging jumper cables
Help out a stranger, of course I was willing

In my truck I followed him to his spot
under the bridge ‘round back in a secluded parking lot
Weird, I thought
In less than five minutes of conversin’ and questions
His car started and the mood became different
No longer a stranger in fact one in the same
A wife at home and a kid on the way
Our office building the same, he even shared my name
A display of his thanks he insisted to pay
No. I declined. I only wanted to help
It’d feel like I’m taking money from myself
Do you like drugs he ask’d
Sometimes. Life’s too busy to toy with my health
I have somethingIcouldn’tunderstand
He points to the snow on his car
My mirror-less door suggests I’m prone to doze before I travel too far
I’ve never been one to turn down cheap thrills
It’s for the better, I’ll get home safe
And this secluded lot seems like a good place
The absent light messed with my sight
I think this rock should look a little more white 
Thought I saw my reflection on his shadowy face
A suggestive handshake, I turned back to my truck an’ said thanks

Crush it divide a line and roll up the five bill 
*ssssniiiiiifffff* *ssssniiiiiifffff* *sniff*
Wow that’s strong
A line of fire ants with boots kicked my head back
Virtigo, tunnel vision, fade to black

Lift my head up slow ‘cause I thought my neck snapped
Drips of red flow from my nose, and snot, I resent that
I needa go home I needa get outta here
I wiped my face with a smear, but my engine won’t turn
And it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror
I saw my body slouched with a face of fear
That stranger walking up near from the rear
He got to my window stopped and peered
He was holding a shear and pulled me outta my truck
He cut me up and threw my limbs in his trunk
I thought about my mom and my pop that I love
And how my wife said that I don’t spend time enough
That ending was abrupt
What luck

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