I’m going for respect,
For recognition and family upbringing.
A place where everybody knows my name.
(Home, away
from my physical home).
I’m going far from Minneapolis Minnesota,
Land of 10,000 lakes
who’ve raised and taught me everything
now I can teacj the next.

I’m going fully suited up,
boots laced and tied.
Going to a place where no man has gone be-
Head high and 10 toes down
following down the pathe of still waters towards
my future.
holding presents I received in the

I’m going carrying the name Jackson,
Heavy on my right shoulder.
Leaning hard to the left so I wont
praying that God will protect me against my
because I can handle my enemies.
Away I go,
avoiding falling asleep because I
might drift beneath my dreams.

I’m going to leave now –
Leave me to myself –
Tell you about my goals later.

**Inspired by "Where I'm from" By George Ella Lyon

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