We packed the last of our luggage into the back of the forest green Suburban. Before I closed the hatch I counted to make sure we had everything. Food, books, guitar, and towels. That last one was especially important. Don’t forget to bring a towel, you never know when you might need one. Whenever I go anywhere I forget a towel, but not this time I thought to myself. I closed the cargo door and hopped in the back seat next to my girlfriend. She had just finished her finals and we were off to celebrate with a weekend at her families cabin. Even though I had school for another month I couldn’t pass up a trip to my favorite place in the world. 
    The beast of a truck roared as Dick turned the key. He pulled away and we were off. Thoughts of fishing washed over me. Maybe Dick will teach me how to gut a fish this weekend I thought. My mouth started to water at the thought of fresh caught fried Northerns. 
    We were on 35N, and already making good time. I put my headphones on and blasted my current favorite band Woe, is Me while watching the trees pass by. I tapped my fingers lightly on my knee imagining each instrument coming to life. The world I once knew started to fade away and was replaced with relief and excitement. I was finally away from the thought of school, work and people. Being around people all the time gets to be obnoxious, and the cabin is the best solution to that problem. I watched as the trees grew thicker and the forest became more dense. 
    I stopped paying attention to what roads we were on. Every thought seemed to disappear except for the thought of trees. How long have they been here? I tried to imagine the forests surrounding us on both sides as infants. I smiled at the window breaking my deep concentration, picturing baby trees sucking on pacifiers. I looked over at Melissa who was passed out on her seat. She used a towel from the back as a pillow. I knew those towels would come in handy. I rumbled around in my back pack looking for something else to keep me busy for an hour. Underneath my own towel I found some snack crackers with peanut butter and
my eyes lit up. I slipped off my shoes and crossed my legs and used my towel as a soft table to make my peanut butter cracker sandwiches. I didn’t have a knife so I used my fingers.
    “20 minutes,” said Dick. That was the first time he said anything the entire trip I realized. Usually you couldn’t get him to shut up. I put my snack back in my bag and wiped my face of left over crumbs. I gave Melissa a shove and she growled and continued sleeping. I couldn’t get my legs to sit still. The first thing I am going to do after helping unload is put together my fishing pole and go straight down to the dock I thought. We took a left onto a dirt path and continued onward. The Road curved and we made another left. After five minutes we finally pulled into the driveway of the cabin. It was just like I remembered from the previous summer. The cabin itself was longer than it was wide and raised off the ground. It was a light tan color. There was a stained wooden deck and a cobble path leading down to the lake. To the left of the driveway was a garage for the boat and a shed for the fishing and swimming gear.
I gave Melissa another shove.
    “We’re here!” I said to her in excitement. She stretched and nodded with an audible yawn. I smiled at her and she smiled back. We opened the doors and stepped into the afternoon sun.

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