I ran out of the door in a panic.  Immediately I was overwhelmed by the ice age, which was my front yard. It was like I just ran into ‘Empire Strikes Back’ but there was no ton-ton to crawl into this time. As I ran down the cold cement I could see my breath for miles, forming icicles to my face.                 
     “I can’t be late again”, I thought to myself. It was like the fear of missing the last spaceship from mars back to earth. “If I’m late one more time I’ll surely be dropped, I just know it”.
    I rounded the corner and crossed the street, taking the final steps towards victory. It felt like I had just stole home and won the championship. Upon my last footstep across the finish line, it had just pulled up.             
     “Perfect timing”, I mumbled out of breath. I then stood there, waiting to check into my prison cell for the next hour. It was like the gates of hell opening up for me, the only difference being, I was paying three dollars and fifty cents for the privilege.
    After I boarded the Flying Dutchman, I just stood there, doomed to sail the oceans forever.  Upon the empty ocean, across the empty sea, a little man treads water. That little man was I. I
felt cold and forgotten upon the empty vessel. What keeps me going? It felt so easy to just let go and sink down to the bottom. I was swimming for my life, completely lost at se -
    “Take a seat please”, the captain interrupted. I quietly took a seat amongst the commoners. We took off. We took off down the grid, the maze of road.  It was like a digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they whipped by the rattling glass. It forced me back to a time when the only thing you had to worry about was beating the next level of Mario.            
Those were the days”, I
muttered under my breath.

The rowdy ship finally docked. There I walked the plank back into the
pool of sharks waiting to feast on my flesh. A smile came over me. Then I


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