So let me give you some background on where I am. It was the summer before senior year of highschool and I have been going to camp since I was in 8th grade. This was my last week I
could go there as a camper. I have had my ups and downs at camp and I knew that I wanted to make this week the most memorable week of the summer. I went up with a group of friends every year, and this time we would all be in the same cabin.     
     Two of the things that we do at camp are cabin time, and free time. For cabin time your cabin and another cabin would go to a part of camp and do an activity together, and for free time you could do just about whatever you wanted to do. I loved this part of camp. I could go to the rope swing, I could go to the beach, I could rock climb and much more. 
    It was the first day of the camp and we were paired up with a girls cabin to go to the rope swing. The swing was one of the most fun things to go on. It never really gets old, and you can
always try new things when swinging off. I had only been on it a couple of times, but this would be the first with a cabin. 
     So there I was, sitting on the edge of the dock. Feet in the water looking out onto the lake. That was the first time that I saw her. I could only see her head bobbing up and down in the
water as she swam back to shore, but believe me, that was enough. I had seen enough and I knew that she looked stunning but, being the shy guy, I didn’t say anything and just smiled at her. 
    Finally the end of cabin time came. I was happy and sad that it was over. I loved the rope swing, but I think I had just met the most amazing girl I have ever laid eyes on. I wondered if I
would ever see her again. Ya ya, I know that it is a small camp, and the chances are good that I would see her again, but this wasn’t enough. Somehow she imprinted herself in my mind, and I was going crazy trying to find a way to see her. 
     Dinner finally came and the whole camp congregated at the dining hall. Just like any other meal, I went in with my friends, stood in line, and started to talk to to them. I would briefly
detach myself from the conversation to scan the room full of people hoping to catch a glimpse of her. Just when I was walking away from getting my food trying to find a table I saw her. She was standing at the end of the line with about 5 of her friends. I am not one to go out when I first meet someone and ask if they want to hang out, but this was different. Both of us had a connection at the rope swing. 
    I found a table and sat my tray down and started to look around the room again signaling my friends that I had found a table. When a few more of my friends arrived, I sat down and took one final look around the packed lunch room. There she was, talking to her friends, laughing and then the occasional glance to me. I smiled and waved at her, and she proceeded to gesture me to come over there and talk to her. So I grabbed a roll off my plate and headed over to talk to her.     
     I approached her with a smile and she returned the favor. I met the few friends that were with her in line. I stayed with them getting to know them until they got their food, then I went
back to my table. I couldn’t get her off my mind now. She had implanted herself in my head and was there to stay. Before I left the dining hall, I asked if she wanted to hang out next free time and she said yes. 
    That next day we met up at the entrance of the camp to start free time. We went walking around camp just to get to know each other first. I saw some of my friends on the zip line and climbing wall and she saw some of hers at the beach getting a tan. Being the nice person that I was quick to figure out she decided to meet my friends. I asked her if she had done any rock climbing or gone on the zip line here and to my surprise she said that she hadn’t. So for the next few hours we did some rock climbing and zip lining. 
    From playing frisbee to sitting on the beach talking. She told me that this has been one of the best weeks of her life. Neither of us really expected to hang out this mush, but neither of us were complaining. It was relaxing to the both of us. It just felt right to be with her. When we weren’t hanging out, my mind was on her. 
     The next few days were spent getting to know each other. Talking to each other’s friends and just hanging out. I think even some of my friends made friends with her friends. By the end of the week we were so close, we spent every time that we didn’t have to be with our cabins together. We had made a big group of people to hang out with.     
     On the last night there is always a bonfire and time for the camp to reflect on the week and have an intimate moment. We were on the far side about 3 rows up from the all camp bonfire. The night went on singing songs and sharing stories that had happened during the week. I told the camp about this person that I had met and how I had spent the entire time with them and grown to like them a lot, and with that my night ended in a kiss from her. It was the one thing that I wasn’t expecting. 
     On the way back from camp we all sat together on the bus. We spent the last remaining hours of camp together on that crowded bus still talking and joking around. I couldn’t think of any better way to spend that time. 
    Well the time came and we had arrived back home. With that the week was over. One of the most memorable weeks so far. I sat on the curb in the parking lot with her waiting for her parents to come and pick her up. When they finally came, we kissed and said our goodbyes. I
knew this was just a temporary goodbye because we already had a date a couple days later. 
    Thinking back on it, if I hadn’t have gone to the rope swing that first day, none of this would have happened. The last meal that we had up at camp was a meal just for planning. Trying to see what all of our schedules were so that we could hang out. Not only had her and I connected, but each of the groups that we were in connected. We were now one big group that got along with each other really well.

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