I rise this morning to find myself imprisoned
a dirty cell, 
acrid musk grasps to every surface, like a crushing fist on my neck.
A mottled crust of dirt and grime surrounds me,
hands blackened in an effort to sweep it away

I have passed many sunsets and already again I find my hand
contemplating, caressing neck, sweetly, inviting.
The hand carries a sharp thing
like each time before
I am afraid.

Several figures pass under the solitary torchlight
they seem phantoms, steps all but silent.
I grasp iron, 
I feel as
a blind woman
the very air that encompasses my body, compressing
no relenting, my mind wanders.
Across dark cobblestone and through yet more bars I see her now, lying there
she is like me

pressed, sidelong
In pain I escape
forever in me a fools heart 

She needs me, 
the drip of water pounds my ears, each a silent battering ram
my nerves dance to the stabbing.
A draft, cold and foul assails my firm resolution

In doubt I raise her head
eyes so clear as to let one watch her thoughts
   in       chaos                       
                            they were.

 I sang
my people are born to do this,
she d 
and I along with her.

In tandem we woke, hands clasped 
upon a rock
lips moving, the sound indirect-
it came to me from the earth, the water, the air
she spoke through the thrum of the air, the groan of the trees
only us
and she heard me, surprise.
We lay together, loving?
Who can tell?
Certainly not I...

We were affixed to look into each other
 The swallowing bellow of the waterfall took away our time
I cannot imagine anyone else, no where, no other time for this
than now
but now is bleeding away
as water soaks through ground to reach roots.

Again I am myself,
alone still,
with her
 oblivion lurks in so many corners and my notes have rung they're course.
She stays in my arms and it feels like home
that is a faint ray of hope for she and I .

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