Going through the up and down weights of life.
Yet I see changes in my physical and mental sinews.
I'm cut from a different cloth but with the same knife.

Alone in an unknown world to be on the vultures menus.
Adopted by the cold streets, the whoosing winds make me fear my father.
Daily I perform survival with Minnapolis as my venu.

My beating heart say's reach out to you, but my body say's why bother.
Looking at the sky and everything is black.
Storms surrounds us slowly so from its smoke I smother.

My lungs cant take anymore of this indirect attack.
Why do I look in the mirror and see Thomas but my name is Tyrell?
Why do I have the will, when you wont come back?

During my ZZZZ's my dreams feel so real.
Not taking credit of a creation you made.
Riding in the right side of the ride with no one behind the wheel.

I'm man made which makes me afraid.
Growing up without a father but through god I'm am saved.

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