He sits on the wooden gazebo overlooking the glistening water on the lake.
On his right sits a bible,
On his left sits a single sheet of paper.

He takes a big sniff in filled with the aroma of camp food and forest.
In the distance he hears kids getting ready to go to a whole camp game.
So many things to do and he is left to the calm peaceful gazebo.

The roar of the motor on the back of a speed boat drowns out any thoughts that he had.
He's had his fun time, but now it's time to get to work.
He reaches down and grabs the bible off the dark wooden bench.

His mind emptied of all the days thoughts like a hole in a bucket as he moves his focus from the outside world to his bible.
He has finally hit the peaceful place that he always loves to go to.
It's where he wants to be.

After a while he finishes what he needs to read.
He gets up and starts to walk away and to civilization.

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