Untittled by Andre Steele - IPR Creative Writers
I would have been born today with the biggest brown puppy dog eyes
and gifts of furry stuffed bears and cozy blue pajama's for everyone's eye's to see,
instead I sit under the golden tree and wait for her
to come and take me.

I would have been one now
running through the fresh green grass feeling as if I were running on top of a fluffy cloud above all
to reach Momma's heavenly garden filled with lilac's and roses galore,
oh how that would have been grand,
but instead I sit and wait in this gorgeous land.

I would have been five today
starting a school with bright colors, plush cuddly bears,
and an alphabet for me to learn,
but someone left the tree today and that reminds me when is it going to be my turn.

I would have been sixteen today
and a car with shimmering blue paint
and a full size ribbon would have been nice to take with me,
I guess she didn't love me so instead the Lord she sent me to see.

I would have been married today at the age of twenty-seven,
as tears with the force of waterfall fell down my cheeks,
the Lord gently caressed my hand and pointed to my wife while I sit here waiting in Heaven.

I would have lost my mother today,
I will tell you many people came to see her laid to rest and set free,
but finally,
just finally,
Momma wanted me and she picked me up from under the golden tree
cause after all Momma did abort me.

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