He was  supposed to be her first, but at same time, he became her last. Exhausted from  the lies and apologies, this time saying I love you was like hearing a bad joke.  It not important, nor is it funny, at all. But what did they truly know about  love, her mother exclaimed every time they're in her presence. They had only  been together upon entering the 10th grade and have been in high school for a  year and a half. Every day after class, they'd find themselves sitting on large  rock in the yard of the school. It was a peacefully place aligned with roses and  daisies. The rock was painted by the previous students of the past showering  their Jackson High pride. Sasha turns to Thomas and asked "why do you love me",  as he sits with a guilt look in his eyes and lost for words. Thomas was a tall  athletic build pretty boy type of guy who felt he can have any woman he wants.  Sasha, at times, didn't feel that she was pretty nor could she amount to the  other females in her community. Again she looked at Thomas waiting on a reply.  By instinct, Thomas came up with cleverly put together words as if they
were  rehearsed for a movie roll. But before he can finish, Sasha cuts him off saying  "You are such an actor Thomas, and this time I'm not buying it". She got up and  walks away to shield her frustration and pain. For every foot step she takes,  another tear falls as Thomas does nothing to stop her.
    What's  wrong, Sasha hears coming from the long wooden hallway. She recognizes her  mother voice but storms the other way. Heading to her small room in the back of  the house, all she can think about is how Thomas hurt her, and she never want to  see him again. It was only Tuesday, and they shared 3 classes together so that  was nearly impossible. When she gets to her room, her heart began to race. She  opens the door slowly as if there were monsters hiding in her bedroom. She  stands in the door way and just looks around, scared to enter
as if it wasn't  her place of rest. Sasha just realized how photogentic she was.  Always taking  pictures of her and Thomas. Pictures where placed everywhere; on the dresser,  the walls, in the crack of the mirrors, she even had a life size picture on the  back of the door to put her to sleep at night.Then, instantly, Sasha snapped.  Yelling out every negative word she can think of to disrespect a man, she starts  spinning like wild twister through a city of dreams causing
objects to go flying  and glass shattering, leaving her room in a horrific mess. Out of breath, she  throws her self on the floor and all she she can do now cry. 
     "Can i come in" her  mother says. but without an answer she enters with caution. She walks over to  where Sasha is laying and sits down beside her. Holding her daughter as close as  possible, she whispers to her repetitively, it's gonna be okay.

    The  school year was finally over. Summer time was here and that meant Sasha can  sleep in all day and do nothing. Mom was an independent business owner who ran a  small printing and embroidery shop. Business was picking up and was starting to  be large for her small building. After months of searching, she stumbles across  a vacant location west of the river that was twice as big as her previous shop  and the price was still affordable. "Perfect" mom says while setting up her  appointment online. Two weeks later, she breaks the good news to
Sasha. "Guess  what, we're moving to Minneapolis". Sasha's face instantly drops. Her body goes  limp, as if she lost all control of her muscles. "Why Minneapolis" she replied.  He mother goes on to explain to her that it's for the better of them and the  company. But Sasha zones out. She was in love with their small pink home shoved  far back from the street. The yard was over powered by 2 large Weeping Willow  trees casting a dark scary shadow, but it was still home. 
    It  was time to pack and mom was helping Sasha clean her room. She noticed a small  booklet filled with writing. She picks it up and reads  …but men only  want one thing, SEX, and thats not what I want. I love that she smiles whenever I come around. When Tonya hugs me, it feels so magical but I dont know why
     Instantly  Sasha walks in snatches the book from her mom. “That’s personal” she says. 
    Mom’s face was filled with questions and concerns but she holds back. They continue packing and  putting everything in the truck. 
    A  month goes by and Sasha feels like she’s in a foreign land. Looking out the window, she sees kids playing. Every day around 5pm, her neighbor pulls up and waves whenever she sees her. She must have notice  Sasha looking because she wave up to to the second floor window. The house next  door was filled with girls ranging from ages 18 to about 20. 
     Theyre different  over there, Sasha  thinks to herself. Her neighbor kept her hair in a ponytail, with baggy clothes  and had a style unlike any other woman. “I’m going  outside mom” she yells as  she steps into the fresh air. 
    “Hi my name is  Tracy but everybody calls me Tee”, she hears coming for across the yard. It was the next door neighbor again. She was outside  sitting on the steps enjoying the nice summer day. They exchange much conversation about each other and realize they are not much different. Times flies and to their surprise, the sun was setting and neither has eaten so they head back inside their homes. Sasha yells out bye and slowly closes the front door. 
    The  next morning, Sasha wakes up anxious. Before even brushing her teeth, she looks  out the window to see if she see Tee’s car outside. It’s still there. She can smell the aroma of bacon coming from the kitchen then heads  downstairs. “Good morning” her mom says. “Everything
smells good” Sasha  replies. 
    As soon as she makes her plate, she goes to work. She scarf’s down her food as if she was running late for a meeting then bolts back upstairs to get ready for her day. Getting dress, she can hear people laughing and talking outside. It was Tee and her friends. There were three girls that dressed like Tee did and one guy. “Tee, what’s up Tee” Sasha yells out the window. “I’m coming  out”. 
    Standing  outside, Sasha notice everyone had went inside. She walks over to  Tee’s house and is starting to get nervous. She holds her breath and knocks twice. Loud music feels the air. The windows of the house are open but she didn’t hear any  talking. She knocks harder, and then the music comes to an abrupt halt. She  hears a deep mail voice yell “one second, I  got to get the door”. 
     “Who is”. 
     No reply,  Sasha stands froze in shock. Then the door opens. 
    “Is Tee here?” Sasha says. 
    The man just makes a gesture as if he wasn’t Sasha to follow him. He sits down at a computer and she can see Sasha behind a glass standing at a microphone with headphones on. From the speakers, she can hear Tee  talking. 
    It  was time for a break. After recording, Tee sits down with Tasha. 
     “I didn’t know you rap” Sasha says. 
    Then Tee says “That’s all we do.  It’s a way for  us to relieve ourselves without being judged by the world. You can rap with us  if you want”. 
     Sasha just  holds her head down like a shy kitten. Sasha has always written poems and short  stories but never placed her words to a rhythm but she felt she had the ability  deep inside. They go back upstairs to have lunch. Tee introduces everyone to  Sasha and they make her feel welcomed. 
    “So are  y’all gay”? Sasha says. 
    “No, people consider us dikes or butches; I just say we’re just people. But don’t worry, we  won’t hit on  you”. Tee says.  
    Sasha never had friends before. She goes on to explain to them her story  including about Thomas. To her surprise, they can relate. 
    The  clock strikes 12 and before they knew it, hours turned into a day. Sasha had  never had that much fun in her life. Instantly her mom comes to mind. 
     “I got to  go”. Sasha runs jumps up and heads out the door as fast as she could. She goes into the house to  yells mom. Her mom was sitting in the living room. She starts to get up
because  her movie just went off. 
    “I knew you were next door so you’re ok”. Mom says.  
    Then Sasha gives her mom a bear hug and says “I love our new home”.

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