A cool crisp March morning I was driving with my girlfriend down a remote two lane road. 
The sun was blinding if you were to look in the rear view mirror.  The sounds of drums and strings were softly playing through the speakers.  We were coming down into a valley, nearing an intersection to reach our final destination, and tragedy was about to strike in more ways then one.  
    As we entered into the intersection a unexperienced driver was looking into the blinding sunlight at a stop sign. Unbeknownst to him he met the front end of our car when he entered the intersection.  My girlfriend tried to avoid impact by swerving to the left, in the midst of the turning the passenger side wheels came off the ground.   My brain started to flash rolling endlessly down the center of the road.   I remember hearing the screeching of the wheels and the sonic boom of a head on impact. The force pushed us head on towards a light pole off in the distance.  The last thing I remembered was going off the top of the ditch and feeling as if we were hit by another car head on.  The world went dark and all sound was completely cut 
    When consciousness was regained, I remember looking around and seeing dust particles starting to settle down on the dashboard. The windshield looked as if a spider just got done weaving a web and devouring an animal that was twice its size. It looked as if he punctured the defenseless animal in an artery and blood splattered in every direction.  As I look in the distance through the passenger side window all I see was men running from every direction, tripping and falling trying to reach our vehicle. As I turn to ensure my girlfriend is coherent I asked, “Are you okay?”
    She wouldn't reply.  
     Her eyes were open and she had this scared and lost look on her face as if you just saw the hand of the devil.  So I shouted, “ Are you okay?”
    Again, no reply.  
     All of a sudden I hear banging on my window.   I turn to see who was at my window it is a slender built man, in his early 30's, trying to open my door to assess my injuries.  The car had buckled to the point that we were pinned in the car with no way out.  At this same moment,
another man was pounding and screaming at my girlfriend.  She just sat there staring into an oblivion out the front windshield.  I couldn't help but be engulfed in his screams but she would not respond what-so-ever. All other voices and cries out to try to help me were wiped away from my brain.  The only concern in my head was if my girlfriend was going to be okay.  
     This man was screaming, “ Ma'am can you hear me. Ma'am can you hear me. Ma'am can you hear me.”
    Miraculously in the midst of him screaming to the onlookers, “Someone please call 911.   We have serious injuries that need medical attention.”  
     My girlfriend's scared looked turned to horror.  As the guy screamed one more time, “Ma'am can you hear me.”   
    She started crying, looked at this gentleman and cried out, “ Why are you yelling at me?'  
     Oddly enough it was so comforting to here her speak.  It was as if she finally came to, and was back into reality.   Knowing she was coherent I could finally focus on this horrendous pain
that was coming from my leg and my head. I remember asking my girlfriend, “ Do I have a cut on my head.”  
    Blood curdling cries came over her, she just kept screaming, “ Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.”
    Panic started to set in and fear came over me making me think it is my turn to meet my maker.  A gentleman asked my girlfriend, “ put something on his head now!”      
     She was panic stricken and just looking around but not reaching for anything. I remember I turned around and looked in the back seat for something clean that I could put on my head.  
     As I turned I realized I couldn't feel my leg. So I turned to sit back down and saw my leg at the thigh was raised up about 3 inches from my knee.  Realizing I have a serious leg injury panic and fear engulfed my whole body once again.  I tried to open my door to get out and every time I tried to push the door to get out the door wouldn't move.  No matter how hard
I pushed the door wouldn't budge.  
     A man told me, “You are trapped in the car.  Please be patient help is on the way.”  In the distance I could hear sirens slowly getting louder and louder.  
     In the far distance I heard a mans voice yell out, “We need the jaws of life.”  A firefighter yelled out, “Cover your heads with this tarp.”  
     My girlfriend's blood curdling screams got louder and louder as a sledgehammer bashed out each window.  I tried my hardest to console her and let her know we are getting out.  They informed us that she would be taken first so that they could get me out.  
     As they placed her on a stretcher she just kept screaming, “ I love you, I love you.” I heard one final scream from her stating, “I said I loved you.” I tried to yell as loud as I could to tell her I loved her too.  
     The firefighter's informed me that she heard me and they were going to take her to get help.  As they were pulling me out and loading me onto a stretcher I couldn't help but concentrate on the tremendous pain that radiated from my leg.  
     As I look up at the sunny blue sky I all of a sudden felt a cold wind getting stronger and stronger.  I shut my eyes trying to concentrate on warming my body.  
     As I opened my eyes I see helicopter blades spinning right above me.  I asked them what the helicopter was for and they informed it was for me.  I was told I needed immediate medical attention and the fastest way to the hospital was via a helicopter.  I remember looking up at the ceiling of the helicopter and thinking to myself I can't stand heights and I really don't like planes or anything hat flies.  Before I knew it I was being lifted out of the helicopter and transported into the hospital via the rooftop.
    I was brought into a cold and white surgery room.  An I.V.  was administered into my arm and I was told to count back from 100.  So I counted 99, 98, 97 and the lights went out and darkness filled the room and forever more my life has been changed.
    I woke up in a daze to realize I broke my femur in half, a skull fracture, and a broken hand. 
I was told that I would endure a year of physical therapy and lifetime of uncertainty.  My life is now forever changed.  I kept thinking of my kids and how they will never have the same father they had when I woke up this morning.  I now have to face challenges and obstacles from one unexperienced driver's bad mistake.   His bad mistake turned into my daily struggle to recover and reform my life.

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