“Women are all the same, whiny, bitchy, and always nagging about something.” He groaned.
    “Not all women are that way, if you treat them right you might be able see the brighter side.” He proclaimed.
    “Why are you lying to yourself?”  
     “What woman have you met that has ever done right by you?”
    “Look man, why do you always see the negative in a woman?”
    “I see what the woman shows me, I have yet to meet one woman that is truly down for me!”
    Silence engulfs the roof with thoughts pondering on where the conversation should go from here.
    He adamantly states, “ You know man you need to have a little more faith in women.  If it
wasn't for them we wouldn't even be here to complain about a woman in the first place!”
    “Oh please, save yourself the heartache and the sappy feelings for someone who cares.”  
     “Get real women are scandalous, conniving, and devious.  If you are to stupid to realize it, that is on you.”
    “What was done to you that was so wrong to make you despise women?” He stated mockingly.
    “Have every woman ever in your life give up on you, tell you that you are worth nothing while taking your money and running freely with  it.  Once they got what they wanted poof they are gone!” 
“Hey baby! Baby!” She stated with concern. 
“Are you okay? You seemed to be in a

He replied with a smile, “Yeah, I was just thinking about


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