A feeling of a lonely eternity has finally reached an end.  A day of faith, hope, and love has finally arrived.  I have faith in God to bless us in each area of our lives.  I have hope to see this marriage to our dying days. I have love to shower upon her to let her know a blessed man she is seeing.  
    To see her in a dress fit for a queen, with her hair delicately placed in a bun, and a smile to light up midnight skies is what I have dreamt of.   To see those old wooden doors open, and to finally see my wife walking down the aisle will now be a reality.   This is the day I have been dreaming of my entire life.  I always envisioned a room filled to the brim with smiling faces, of
family and friends, watching  me finally take the next step in life.  I am now leaving a solitary single life to fulfill a lifelong dream.  I have found a true companion to see the ups and downs of life with me.  She will be my shoulder to cry on and a companion to enjoy life's greatest gifts. I want to experience the joy and love of bringing children into this world.   I am excited to see her embrace the one's I have already brought to the marriage.  She is a special woman
that I can come home to and help me through life's struggles.  I want her standing next to me wanting not only the best for me, but for our children.  
    An overwhelming joy touches the soul each time I think of her and our special day.  The feeling takes me to rooftops to proclaim my love to her, and allow her to know, she is my everything.  She has been the one that has been sent to me from above.  
    I here many people's disagreeing views with marriage stating it is a piece of paper making your love legal.  My love for her needs no piece of paper.  I want the world to know I love her so much that I would be willing to do anything for the world to see our love.  That single piece of paper does not put stipulations on our marriage, but politically it makes life's journey easier and less stressful. My wife receives the honor in that paper to take on my last name, and to leave her mother and father and become one with me.    
    I believe in the sanctity of marriage and to profess it to the world.  We are not only proclaiming our love to God, but to every person we come across.   It will not be in our words but  within the actions towards one another.  If we can change one life with our love we have managed to maintain a healthy marriage.  To receive the sacrament of marriage is an honor given to those who choose to see marriage as a unity for life until death parts you.  This molding of two people as one is not to be taken lightly in my eyes.   We are now and forever
more intertwined in God's eyes. 
     I come freely without any reserve to this marriage.  I will honor her all the days of my life, and I will accept children lovingly from God. So in speaking my vows these things are the core of our marriage.  I have found a woman that can complete me, and love me, through all of life's struggles and up hill battles.  I will honor and love her all the days of my life.  I have faltered so many times and yet she has stayed strong next to me with open loving arms.  She is
always willing to let go and accept my faults, and love me for the man I am within not the man I could be.  Luckily, I have found that woman that wants to bear children with me and enjoy the journey of bringing children up in this world.  Through her heart and soul I have found a purpose for life.  I have found that through her and our children I can be the man I have always wanted to be; to give her a life of never ending dreams and security knowing she will never be alone.       
    Divorce is not an option.  We are consciously making a decision to unite as one and be connected until death parts us.  Those who usually end up in divorce are the weak souls that more interested in the socialist views of a marriage rather than the underlying reason for that
day. I will admit I am extremely excited for the reception, the fancy dresses, the suits, the cake, the disc jockey, the glasses of whine, and the four hundred people that are coming to  join in our day.  In the end, you could remove all the extras from that day and I will be overjoyed because that day is solely meant to unite me with my soulmate.  To profess our love in front of God, and our witnesses, to show the world we are now one body, mind, and spirit. 
This day is not meant to be a party of the century, or a day for generations to reunite and spark up conversation.  This day is meant to show everyone we as a couple have found true love under God's eyes.  
    I have recently learned success in marriage is not just love that will get you through.  A woman is geared by God to be loved unconditionally, and to be showered with it throughout her days.  A man is geared by God to be respected unconditionally, and be shown it throughout his days.  These two things are at the for front of our marriage.  I will promise to love her unconditionally, and show through our struggles she can always count on my love to brighten a cloudy day.  In return, I need her respect to get  me to a brighter day.  I can not love her unconditionally if she is not willing to respect me unconditionally.  Many ask the question how do you deserve respect unconditionally if you are not loving her unconditionally?  This goes both ways.  In the end, no matter who's fault it is for the upheaval in our marriage we are to take God's word and live by it even if the other partner is not fulfilling their end of the deal.  I believe that this concept will keep us together until our dying days.  
     This will not go without struggle, disappointment, tears, and arguments.  If we stay true to the love and respect we both deserve we will find a way to stay true to our marriage vows.  
    I have been anxiously waiting for the moment in time that I can slip her wedding ring on and know that very ring means eternity. The basis of a ring being in a circle is not only because our fingers are round, a circle is infinite, it is never ending.  So as she looks down upon that ring she can be reassured my love is a circle always revolving and never ending.  For everything that I am I know I am truly blessed to call her my wife.  Marriage is not only a choice but also a gift from God to profess not only his love but our love to the whole world.            

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